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Integrating Mathematical Reasoning* into Computer Science Curricula

* “Mathematical Reasoning”: Applying mathematical techniques, concepts and processes, either explicitly or implicitly, in the solution of problems—in other words, mathematical modes of thought that help us to solve problems in any domain. In its most general interpretation, every problem-solving activity requires mathematical thinking. For example, basic logic, be it used explicitly or implicitly is required for all problem-solving activities.

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What We Are

Mathematical reasoning is central to computer science. It should therefore be an integral part of the entire CS curriculum, with special emphasis in the early courses. This would be a deviation from current practice, requiring systemic change in CS education. We are a group of computer scientists, mathematicians, and others interested in fostering such change.

The group "meets" (via e-mail), to discuss topics related to mathematical reasoning in CS and its teaching. An archive of these discussions is available on-line. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, which mathematical concepts are relevant, when and how they can/should be introduced and reinforced in the curriculum, how they relate to practice, pedagogical approaches to teaching math foundations, supporting laboratories, etc. We are undertaking concrete projects designed to raise awareness of mathematical reasoning in CS and of ways of teaching it. The exact nature of projects is determined by members' interests, including such things as working to get a prominent place for mathematical reasoning in computer science and software engineering curriculum recommendations; workshops, panels, birds-of-a-feather, and similar presentations at relevant conferences; and collecting pedagogical resources for incorporating mathematics into CS courses. Future projects could include such things as performing studies and otherwise collecting evidence on the importance of mathematical thinking in CS; contests to increase student interest in, and faculty awareness of, mathematics as part of CS; etc.


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Electronic discussions are carried out on mailing list "math-thinking-l@geneseo.edu". All you have to do to join the group is subscribe to this list -- to do this, just point a Web browser at http://mail.geneseo.edu/mailman/listinfo/math-thinking-l/ and fill out the subscription form in the middle of the page.

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Upcoming events, on-line resources, and other miscellaneous items likely to be of interest to members of this group are listed below. Please send suggestions for further items to Doug Baldwin.


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